Writing an Optimized About Us Page

Users visit the ‘About Us’ page to read about the company and the team’s experience, accolades, education and ability to fill their particular need.

The ‘About Us’ page is not an ‘all about you’ page, it’s a page to show ‘why you are so great at this job’. There is no need for a full biography of your life, your parents life or you children’s life.

What to Include on Your About Us Page:

  1. Your company name and city in which it resides. (Omit city if you primarily operate online, or service multiple cities)
  2. Your company’s practice areas, strengths and bragging rights.
  3. Awards and accolades your company has received- like BBB rating, Memberships, Quality Awards (Logos and badges are preferred)
  4. Mission statement, quote or testimonial (approx. 3 lines)

Employee Content:

  1. Photo of individual employees.
  2. Their name and title.
  3. Specialties and strengths of each employee.
  4. Education, Degrees and Memberships, Experience, Major accolades, Anything newsworthy that relates to the company.