What is WordPress?

From Wikipedia, WordPress is a free and open source tool and a dynamic content management system (CMS).

WordPress websites are designed for the everyday user. You will need a programmer to integrate and customize the design, but after that you should be self sufficient. WordPress templates, or designs, typically cost under $50 for a regular license or Free for the more basic designs.

You’d be surprised to see that major brands are using WordPress for their entire website or portions within.

Benefits of Using WordPress

  • Multi user system
  • Easy to add/edit/delete posts (blogs, FAQs, Practice Area/Services content)
  • Easy to add/edit/delete pages (About Us, Home Page, Contact Us, etc)
  • No need for programming skills when using the visual editor
  • Easy to upload and place photos
  • Full control- no need to constantly contact a web admin
  • Multiple WordPress plugins allow you to offer e-commerce, booking systems, calendars and more

How do I find WordPress templates?

For FREE templates visit WordPress.org. Under the ‘Themes’ tab you will see a listing of theme designs and to the right of the page you will see the most popular downloads. The themes may not look impressive at first glance, so it’s important to click into the designs for more details and live previews.

For PAID templates check out Themeforest.net. At the top right of the page there is a search barĀ  where you can type in keywords to see related designs. Keywords include: blog, art, bakery, restaurant, bank, salon, designer, hotel etc. Towards the bottom of the homepage you will find a list of new and featured designs.

There are multiple sites for finding WordPress templates, simply go to Google.com and search for ‘free wordpress templates’ or ‘wordpress templates’.

Which WordPress design is best for my company?

Give every design a fair chance- don’t scroll past a design because you don’t like the colors. Remember that designs can be customized from color to font to images. Check out the live preview and screen shots of a design and look at its structure as opposed to its colors.

Focus on functionality. Do the designs you like fit your business? Are their multiple menus? WordPress offers additional website elements in the form of WordPress Plugins.

WordPress Plugins

There are over 20,000 WordPress plugins that offer a multitude of different features for your website. These plugins allow you to seamlessly integrate SEO, Social Media, photo galleries and YouTube Videos. There are also e-Commerce and lead generation plugins. Popular plugins include: All in One SEO Pack, Contact Form 7, WP e-Commerce, Sociable and Smart YouTube Pro. These plugins are free and easily integrate into your WordPress site.

Overall WordPress is one if not the best option for your website!