Writing a Good Blog Post

Blog posts are great for your website- they provide fresh and link worthy content. Writing an effective and successful blog can be time consuming in the beginning but will become easier once you have your structure and voice mastered.

For starters, you need to understand how to write optimized content. This includes content headlines, structure and body.

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Writing Effective Blog Posts

What is the goal of your blog?

Before you begin blogging you need to define the goal of your blog. Is the goal to answer questions, to give advice on your specialties, to update people on your life, to talk about common topics (motherhood, cooking, travel). You will want to plan out topics, keeping inline with your goal.

What is the voice of your blog?

This is especially important if multiple authors will be contributing to your blog. Your blog voice should match the voice of your brand. Is your voice authoritative? relatable? comedic? optimistic? influential? empathetic?

Why would people read your blog?

What is your value to the reader? If you want your blog to be read, shared and used as marketing collateral then you’ll need to offer value for the reader. The most common types of value are answering questions, offering tips, providing reviews and demonstrations and being a specialist for a topic.

Blog around keywords

Each blog post should have a target keyword that the post revolves around. The goal is to use the keyword naturally and not stuff it into content awkwardly. Use the keyword in the headline and repeat it throughout the post.

Keywords are not just one word, they can also be phrases. Example of keywords: dental cleaning, waxing, best pizza in San Diego, tax brackets in Los Angeles and homes for sale in Beverly Hills. Blogs tend to rank well in Google, so you’re blogs might get ranked above your website.

Blog Writing Techniques

Here are some pointers for writing your blog posts:

  • Target a keyword in each post. A keyword is what drives a customer to you.
  • Blog as if you are talking to a friend or neighbor- no big words, no trying to outsmart the reader and no keyword stuffing.
  • Don’t try to sell or market in your blog. Readers are savvy and will disregard your post.
  • Avoid narcissism. Don’t blog about how great you are, how successful you are, or how people want to be you.
  • Stay focused on the idea of your post and the keyword you are targeting.
  • Users are attracted to numbers- whether it’s a %, $, Top 10 or 1 out 3
  • Avoid profanity and offensive remarks.
  • After you have written your post, read it aloud and ask yourself- is this how I would talk to my neighbor, spouse, friends?