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Website Consulting for Start-Ups

Gulley Consulting is committed to helping small start-ups in their quest to start and grow a business. As a small business owner I know the importance of budget, time and education. The first step is to audit your existing website, or audit your business concept. I will direct you on the next steps, whether that involves fixing and optimizing your current site or starting a new site from scratch. We will work together (as much as you see fit) to construct a plan that fits in with your budget and schedule. I am more than flexible with payments, bartering and time allocation. I pride myself on helping moms, women and new start-ups organize their venture, optimize their strategy and website, and instruct them on social media best practices. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me for a quick audit, which can be done over email or telephone call. After that we can meet in person and dive in depth to your needs.

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